Stephen Vella

Stephen was born and raised on the island of Malta. He moved to Canada as a young man. One of his fondest memories is a Pearson officer wishing him a Happy Canada Day on July 1st. For this reason he holds Canada Day as one of his favorite days of the year.

Stephen spent his early years in the tourism, restaurateur and hotel industry. He is a Red Seal certified Chef and holds a keen interest in health and microbiology. Both of which are very important in both cuisine and healthcare. He opened Cedar Springs Dental in 2005.

In 2016, he completed a Dental Office Manager Certificate program with the University of Toronto. Stephen has recently also completed a 1 year medical device reprocessing program known as Sterile Processing with Lambton College Ontario.

He frequently reviews the dental office procedures and implements updates.

Stephen and Elizabeth (Dr. Elizabeth Vella Caruana) have been married for 22 years. They have two wonderful girls and enjoy spending family time together. Stephen enjoys fishing, clay pigeon shooting, outdoors, woodworking, home and office repairs.

He is happy to be a Canadian blood donor.

Because he cannot own a dragon, Stephen loves reading fiction and fantasy series. His favorite author is R. A. Salvatore. His favorite actor is Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson.

Stephen and Elizabeth have a 7 year old border collie-shepherd dog and an 18 year old cat.

One of Stephen’s pride and joy duties is taking care of our office waterlines. He routinely makes sure our waterlines are treated, cared for and flushed thoroughly. He then takes water samples and makes sure that each room and its waterlines pass the microbiological spore tests.

He loves learning and enjoys being around people with a great sense of humor.

The dental office provides many challenging background work scenarios. Stephen enjoys the challenge of being able to locate the right solutions and talking to dental representatives, suppliers and patients.

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